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Cretan Villages - One Day Excursion

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Discover the real Crete , away from the tourist bustle, in some of the picturesque villages of the region. First you will visit Roustika, which boasts a small church decorated with ancient frescoes.

Next stop is scenic Argiroupolis, a village in two halves. Your guide will take you for a little stroll through the history-laden streets of the upper village, which is founded on the ruins of the great ancient Greco-Roman city of Lappa . You will pass Venetian houses and a fine Roman mosaic floor and there are lovely views over the hillsides and the river valley. The lower village is lush and verdant, for here fresh sweet mountain water gushes from the hillside in a multitude of springs.

You will break for lunch (not included) at one of the tavernas situated on the banks of Lake Kournas , the only freshwater lake on the island.

Kournas Lake
Kournas Lake
Lastly, the coach will take you to the charming village of Gavalochori , which is famous for its architecture and its traditional silk lace production. Its excellent little museum houses, in a beautifully restored Venetian building, a remarkable collection of historic and folkloric pieces, which give a fascinating insight into the way of life in these villages over the last few centuries. Examples of different local craft traditions are exhibited, and a nearby store sells the work produced in the modern revival of these skills.

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