Special Interest Groups

The island of Crete is an ideal destination for special interest groups that want to explore:

its famous mountains and gorges, for the keen in hiking an mountaineeringImage
its 3000 caves of archaeological, paleontological and historical interest
its extremely rich flora with it's medicinal plants, known since antiquity, and still fascinate the botanologists
its fauna, known to the ornithologists with more than 100 types of birds, and it's famous kri - kri
it's underwater riches, ready to be discovered by the diving lovers, in the clearest waters of the mediterranean
its culture and the first european civilisation, it's archaeological sites dating from de 3600 B.C. to roman and byzantine eras
its christian churches since the 4th century, until our days, its multitude of chapels, it's monasteries, full of frescoes and mosaics of the byzantine era, will be admired by everyone




Modern Crete offers a great number of possibilities to groups of athletes, to work out in a more isolated location.

All sports are available : football, basketball, beach-volley, golf, and of course sea sports such as sailing, water-polo, water ski, etc.



Every year, under the supervision of the University of Crete and the municipality of Rethymno, cultural weeks are organised, with courses of:

modern greek
cretan coutureFlora
The cretan Flora
painting, sculpting and music
cretan cuisine
cretan and greek dances

For any forther details or ideas on organising a special interest group, don't hesitate to contact us!